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1. What is meant by overall treatment?

The mouth may be one of the smallest human organs, but the oral cavity contains within it many different dental disciplines, including: oral surgery, prosthodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, etc. Different disciplines are usually involved whenever a patient has a dental disease. In other words, there is generally more than one dentist required to treat each patient. If a patient’s problem is inadequately treated due to the fact that the dental team lacks some key skills or knowledge, this could lead to more serious problems down the road. So our guiding principle at iSMILE is to decide upon an integrated, holistic, and overalltreatment plan for each individual patient. Moreover, every step of the treatment must be followed carefully and in the proper order with no step left out. At iSMILE Shanghai Dental Clinic, we have a comprehensive team of professional, multi-disciplinary dental experts, armed with the latest and most advanced dental technology, who always consider the overall need for holistic dental treatment plans whenever providing services for our patients.

2. Examples of overall treatment

43 years old, female, came to our clinic since she cannot chew the foods and the original denture was too old. Our dentist checked up, the result is the jaw of upper and lower was not matching, she was not done orthodontic treatment when she was in teenage. She was done fillings, crown before but still could not solve the problem. Through our dentist checked-up and worked out a treatment plan, we did dental implants on the lower side and on the upper side a new denture is replaced. The patient was very happy and satisfied with the result.


55 years old, female, the patient had had used full removable denture for a few years, she dose not like the denture because it is easily get loose. Through our dentist checked-up and worked out a treatment plan, we did implant on lower side first, then on the upper side we did implant minimally invasive surgery, the patient was got temporary crowns in the same day, finalized the fixed denture in 3 months.


52 years old, female, feel uncomfortable when chewing foods as a wrong jaw relation, she complaint the biting relation was too low and she was told it cannot be fixed by many dentists from other shanghai dental clinics. Through our dentist checked-up, there were 5 teeth missing, and teeth were not even caused teeth lean.
Through our dentist checked-up and worked out a treatment plan, biting relation was got right and the patient was very happy and satisfied with the result.

54 years old, male, came to our clinic since T23 root fracture under over stressed. The pathogeny is the patient got cross bite problem and cannot protect the back tooth. Through the communication with the patient, he also wanted to improve his front teeth. Through the dentist in our clinic checked-up and worked out a treatment plan, a best result was come out through orthodontic, dental implant.

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