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1.  What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea, (sometimes referred to as OSAS or obstructive sleep apnea syndrome), is a sleep disorder caused when there is an upper airway obstruction for some reason.Frequent snoring, daytime sleepiness, hypoxia, and other symptoms could all be signs of a more serious disorder: sleep apnea. Upper respiratory tract lesions which obscure breathing can also be caused by OSAS. Most commonly, sleep apnea occurs within the obese and the elderly. There are many common treatments for sleep apnea, including: quitting smoking, abstaining from alcohol, losing weight, and controlling diet. Yet, there are also other, more professional treatment methods, which can be divided into surgical and non-surgical options. One of the best non-surgical options is the use of a dedicated oral sleep appliance, such as our exclusive Snore Stopper. After using our Snore Stopper, our patients say they snore no more!

2.Allow our professional doctors to explain

Professor Toshio Deguchi and Dr. Lei Yang of iSMILE Shanghai Dental Clinic accepted an invitation to be interviewed by the Japanese magazine Whenever. Below are some excerpts and important points from that interview:

From the Whenever (rakurakupress) 4/25, Vol.127 interview:

• Dr. Yang: Recently, I noticed many patients complaining that they would suddenly stop breathing while they were asleep. This news really caught my attention. I realized that these symptoms commonly resulted from sleep apnea syndrome. The reason for their breathing problems could be due mainly to swollen tonsils or to the base of their tongue retracting into their throat, both of which could cause airway obstruction. Sleep apnea is commonly seen in obese people.

• Prof. Deguchi: Within the field of general medicine, a surgical procedure to expand the trachea is often used. But for those who are afraid of surgery, patients can also choose to use a less invasive treatment. They can now use a dedicated oral appliance specially designed to keep the trachea smooth and the airway clear for better and more restful sleep.

• Dr. Yang: When patients hear that dentistry can treat sleep apnea, they are surprised. Patients with this disorder often cannot achieve the deep sleep necessary for rest and rejuvenation. If left unchecked, the patient will develop severe fatigue and chronic sleepiness, leaving them unable to control when they go to sleep, even during the daytime. Although may only fall asleep for a moment, if this moment were to occur when they were driving, for example, it could be very dangerous for the patient. Warning signs of sleep apnea include: problems sleeping, frequent tossing and turning, loud snoring, and awakening suddenly with the feeling of being unable to breathe. If these symptoms can be found in a member of anyone in your family, I highly recommend you to seek out a professional doctor for their medical diagnosis and treatment advice as soon as possible.

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