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iSMILE Shanghai Dental not only specializes in offering the highest international standards of oral implantology, cosmetic restoration, and orthodontic treatments, but is also committed to regular dental treatments and oral health consultation services. iSMILE Dental invited noted Japanese dental hygienist Kaori Ko to join our clinic. She previously worked in high-end oral health care institutions of Osaka and Kobe, having more than 10 years of clinical experience.

1. Health Consultation and Comprehensive Inspection

Why are regular dental check-ups important?

The conditions inside the human mouth (including temperature and humidity) make the teeth and gums particularly suitable for the growth of bacteria. No matter how we brush our teeth, there are still areas where the brush cannot reach, and this is the source of the problem. These places cannot be found simply by looking at a mirror, and so need to be checked with dental instruments by a professional dentist. Thus it is necessary for everyone to see a dentist regularly, getting periodic oral examinations. Many international insurance companies cover the fee of regular check-ups, as the costs for prevention are always less expensive than treatment costs after a problem occurs. Some patients with special conditions may need to pay more attention to regular check-ups. For example:

1) Patients who need to take medication for coronary heart disease and hypertension.

Anti-hypertension medicines of the calcium channel blocker class can cause gingival hyperplasia. Patients who suffer from diabetes are particularly susceptible to periodontal disease, and any periodontal disease left uncured can, in turn, adversely affect a patient’s blood sugar.

2) Long-term use of anti-acetylcholine (such as atropine and belladonna) or psychiatric medicines

These drugs can cause dry mouth, bringing oral discomfort or periodontal disease to patients.

What is included in a periodic dental check-up?

A dental check-up includes examining the patient for any of the following conditions:

·early tooth decay (or cavities)

·to check whether any previously added dental materials have become loose or discolored

·a periodontal disease check (such as gingivitis or periodontal pockets)

·to check the spacing and positioning between the teeth

·to check the condition of any crowns, bridges or dental implants and whether there are any new risks

·early detection of tumors or abnormalities within the oral cavity

After your oral examination at ‘iSMILE’s clinic, our dentists will make a dental health assessment complete with personal oral hygiene instructions and develop a detailed treatment plan for you.

2. Professional Guidance for Tooth Brushing

Most adults believe that the degree of force used when brushing their teeth will decide thow clean their teeth become, so why do I need to be instructed after having brushed my teeth this way for several decades? But in fact, many of us brush our teeth in the wrong way. Improper brushing or excessive force will damage the natural enamel covering of our teeth and could lead to periodontal diseases. Many people feel surprised when they see the number of pieces of dental calculus (tartar) that can be cleaned out even though they brush their teeth daily. In addition to other reasons, it is partly caused by incorrect brushing techniques.

With professional training, you can learn the correct way of brushing your teeth, as well as the use of other commonly used, home dental care products (including dental floss and mouthwash) properly in order to prevent the dental diseases from occurring in the first place. (See attached video below)

3. Regular Professional Cleaning

What is involved with a professional dental cleaning?
Commonly known as scaling, this is a treatment where the dentists use special ultrasonic or other equipment to clear out the "junk" between the teeth and gums (like dental calculus or plaque) and then polishes the tooth surface. This helps to keep teeth clean, keep breath fresh, and prevents the occurrence of tooth decay and gum disease. Daily brushing and flossing cannot replace regular professional cleaning, because no matter how often we brush our teeth at home, there always some places we cannot clean. This "junk" can only be removed by professional dentists and special dental equipment.

Does scaling damage teeth?

Scaling is used simply to clean the surface of teeth, and the ultrasound equipment or other instruments will not harm the teeth at all. If your oral health is already good and normal, there should not be any feelings of discomfort after scaling. The scaling methods used by iSMILE are equal to the highest international standards, which suggest twice yearly tooth scaling.

However, any of the following symptoms could possibly occur after scaling:

Teeth Sensitivity

The long-term accumulation of dental calculus (plaque) may have already resulted in receding gums. Prior to the scaling treatment, the calculus previously covered this part of the teeth and gums. However, after scaling, the calculus has been cleared away, which is now causing teeth sensitivity. Thankfully, this sensitivity is reversible, with the duration of the sensitivity depending upon how far the gums have already receded. The farther the gums have receded, the stronger the sensitivity and the longer the duration.
Loose teeth
When teeth have not been professionally cleaned for a long time, the dental calculus can cause severe periodontal disease, which in turn can loosen teeth. When the dental calculus has become thick covering the teeth solidly, you will not be able to feel if a tooth has become loose. Yet after the scaling treatment and the removal of the calculus, any loose teeth will be revealed. If this happens, you should immediately make an appointment with one of iSMILE’s dentists for professional periodontal treatment.
Gap between teeth increases

The previous buildup of tartar and calculus may have already resulted in the shrinkage of the gums (which increased the spaces between teeth) and may also have caused some periodontal disease (which resulted in some inflammation of the gums). This would mean that you would not be able to notice that any spaces that had already developed between your teeth. Yet, after the scaling treatment, the tartar would be cleared away and the inflammation would subside, revealing the spaces that have been hidden before.
Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums can mean that the bacterial infection has not been completely eliminated yet, and so you should see a periodontal specialist.

Can scaling spread infectious diseases?

Some people worry that scaling treatments could result in the spreading of infectious diseases, like AIDS or hepatitis.However, if the dental clinic where you receive the treatment follows dental industry standards for disinfection and cross-infection control, then you do not need to worry about being infected with any diseases.For example,HIV’s resistance to the external environment is relatively weak, as it can only survive for a few hours after leaving the human body. The virus can be killed in any number of ways, including being placed in a dry, high-temperature environment, or by using any of a variety of common chemical disinfectants (such as iodine and alcohol). If all the dental instruments have been disinfected and autoclaved properly before use, then scaling will never transmit any diseases like AIDS or hepatitis, since any viruses will already have been killed during the disinfection process.

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