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iSMILE Dental Clinic, located in Gubei (opposite Gubei Carrefour), was founded by Dr. Lei Yang and opened on Sept 22nd, 2011.Dr. Yang received his dental certifications from Japan, where he has been a practicing dentist for over a decade. While in Japan, he achieved renown and was well-respected as a specialist in the fields of dental implants and aesthetic dentistry. In fact, all of our dentists, (who come both from China and other countries), have a wealth of experience in dentistry and can ably offer every one of our patients the most professional and accurate dental diagnoses. We also proudly offer our services in a variety of languages, including Chinese, Japanese and English, which enables easy communication between patients and dentists without any language barriers.

iSMILE Shanghai Dental Clinic is committed to using a combination of our highly skilled dental technicians, state-of-the-art dental equipment, and warm, friendly service together to offer high quality, customized oral treatment plans to all of our patients regardless of their country of origin. Each of our dentists is always accompanied by a professional assistant, thereby utilizing a “four hands” service technique and meeting the highest international standards, in order to provide you with the most meticulous and attentive service possible.

iSMILE Dental Clinic adheres to the strictest standards of sterilization, as set forth by the American Dental Association(ADA), to prevent any possibility of cross-infection. There is a special sterilization room, (the sole purpose of which is to ensure sterile instruments,) which is a “clean” room, where the air is sterilized and the room is lit by ultraviolet light. All of our dental instruments are doubly sterilized, first by soaking in specially treated water containing disinfectant and then followed by exposure to a high-enough temperature to kill any and all bacterium. Finally, some of our instruments are purposely designated as single-use-only and are never reused.

All of the dentists in our clinicuse plain and simple language to explain our suggested treatment plan to our patients patiently and carefully. In this way, we will jointly develop the final plan together with each individual patient, obtaining your understanding and consent prior to every step of the treatment process. All of our patients will be accompanied by our professional nursing staff during treatment to reassure you with constant support and easy communication.

iSMILE Dental Clinic is on the cutting edge of dentistry, using the most state-of-the-art dental equipment, instruments and dental materials, such as the Nobel implant system from Sweden and the Sirona digital x-ray machine from Germany. Our advanced technology and comprehensive services can guarantee perfect treatment results every time.

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