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iSMILE Dental Clinic was founded by Dr. Lei Yang, who had previously lived in Japan, where he graduated from Nagasaki University with a degree in stomatology. While in Japan, he was a practicing dentist specializing in the fields of aesthetics and implant dentistry. He has worked at the Implant Dentistry Research Center of Japan Fukuoka Oral University and also in the Shanghai branch of Japan Okayama Medical Consortium Hospital as a chief dentist for nearly a decade. Throughout his career, he has accumulated a wide variety of clinical experiences and is one of the few foreigners in Japan to receive their dental license. Since returning to Shanghai, Dr. Yang has continued to improve his technical expertise while staying current with the latest dental technologies. He has also maintained an active dialog with educators from notable dental education institutions throughout China, where he is often invited to speak as a guest lecturer for dental education training courses. The list of Dr. Yang’s past lectures includes, but is not limited to, the following:

March 2007 – Participated in the partial denture education program organized by TERRA, a famous training organization from Japan. (Certificate is attached.)
March 2008 – Participated in the implant dentistry system training course organized by Nobel Biocare, the internationally renown Swedish company which specializes in implant and aesthetics dentistry. (Certificate is attached.)
March 2008 – Presented an academic report regarding implant dentistry to the first session of the special committee of the Beijing Stomatological Association. (Certificate is attached.)
July 2009 – Presented an academic report regarding implant dentistry to the sixth session of the special committee of the Chinese Oral Implantology Association. (Certificate is attached.)
November 2010 – Presented an academic report at the China International Dental Conference. (Certificate is attached.)
December 2010 – Awarded a bronze medal from the National Aesthetic Dentistry Competition organized by 3M. (Certificate is attached.)
March 2011 – Participated in the annual AO Meeting (Academy of Osseointegration) Meeting in the USA, an internationally acclaimed conference about dental implant technology. (Certificate is attached.)

How far a company can go depends upon the ideas of its leader. Likewise, the direction of the company’s future development depends upon the vision of its leader. As the exemplar of iSMILE’s corporate culture and the leader of its dental technology, what kind of brand image does Dr. Lei Yang hope to mold iSMILE into? More details about iSMILE’s philosophy and future direction can be found from the interview below.

1) Dr. Yang, what is iSMILE’s philosophy?
As a dental clinic offering medical services, the starting point for everything we do is our responsibility for the health and well-being of every patient, with each patient’s treatment results and personal feelings given priority. The core of our philosophy is to offer our patients an objective and comprehensive assessment of their oral health, leading to the best possible individual treatment plan. We always resist the lure of prescribing unnecessary and expensive dental treatments designed solely to increase short-term profit.

2) Dr. Yang, what do you think is iSMILE’s unique selling point?
iSMILE shanghai dental unique selling points are based on two things: our treatment philosophy and our background of being a private enterprise. This can be summarized more simply with two words: science and responsibility.
According to iSMILE’s philosophy, science can be defined in two principal ways:
1) Medical science cannot be faked or falsified. We must always maintain a scientific attitude regarding every problem, no matter how small.
2) Science requires constant and continuous learning of new theories and new technologies in order to ensure that we remain at the forefront of dental technology.
Similarly, there are also two different meanings for responsibility:
1) To be responsible for each patient’s overall dental health and well-being during their treatment.
2) To continue to care for each patient’s oral health even after their treatments end, offering sincere, long-lasting and friendly concern.

As a private enterprise, unlike publicly-run hospitals we must depend upon our own resources in order to win the trust from our patients and survive in the marketplace. Indeed, we run iSMILE as more than a simple business. This is our lifelong career. There is no safety net or medical bureaucracy above us that can help us to shoulder our responsibilities, and so we must rely on ourselves as we do our utmost to care for every patient. I often find that many of our new patients are actually relatives of a former or current patient who referred them to us. This kind of relationship can sometimes go beyond a simple doctor-patient relationship and deepen into genuine friendship.

3) Dr. Yang, why do you always advocate holistic treatment plans?
The mouth may be one of the smallest human organs, but the oral cavity contains within it many different dental disciplines, including: oral surgery, prosthodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, etc. Different branches of science are usually involved whenever a patient has a dental disease. In other words, there is generally more than the dentist required to treat each patient. If a patient’s problem is inadequately treated due to the fact that the dental team lacks some key skills or knowledge, this could lead to more serious problems down the road. During my years of experience, both domestic and international, I have seen a large number of patients who have suffered from a lack of holistic treatment and have witnessed firsthand the serious consequences that resulted. So our guiding principle at iSMILE is to decide upon an integrated and holistic treatment plan for each individual patient. Moreover, every step of the treatment must be followed carefully and in the proper order with no step left out. To learn more about this topic, please click here to see our related cases.

February 2007 Completed the course of Removable Partial Prosthodontics in Institute of Clinical Dentistry TERRA

March 2008 Completed the Surgery Curriculum of NobelActive™ Dental Implants held by Nobel Biocare Sweden – a world-famous leading brand of implant and aesthetic repair.

March 2008 Reported at the first session of dental implant of dental implant committee, Beijing Stomatological Association.

July 2009 Reported at the 6th National Congress of Chinese Oral Implant Association

December 2010 Won bronze medal of The 2nd Lava™ Aesthetic All-Ceramic Restoration Clinical Case Contest

November 2010 Reported at The 14th China International Symposium on Dental Equipment, Technology & Products

March 2011 Elected active member to attend AO (The most high-end international conference on oral and maxillofacial surgery)


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