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Halitosis Professional Diagnosis for You

Abstract: If the self-diagnosis is not working, what you need is halitosis professional diagnosis which can help you have a clear idea about the disease you are having.

Oral local disease is the main cause of halitosis, but what should not be ignored is that halitosis is also often oral manifestation of some serious systemic diseases. There are some organic disorders that can also cause halitosis.

Here we would like to offer you some halitosis professional diagnosis.

1. Clinical testing method: mainly includes the add shanghai dental experiment and plastic spoon experiment;

2. Professional doctor’s direct nose measurement method: is an objective evaluation method of halitosis that is easy to perform, and is one of the most accurate methods. The diagnosis is made by professional physicians of nasal test, using the standard of 0 ~ 5 score to measure the degree of halitosis and the repeatability of the result is accurate.

3. The laboratory tests: chemical analysis (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry sulfide monitor, high performance liquid chromatography analysis, zinc oxide thin film semiconductor sensor, BANA), milk gargle oxygen depletion experiment, the cultivation of microorganisms and fungi detection, saliva cultication.

4. Artificial nose: including portable sulfide meter and electronic nose, which is using the principle of chemical reaction, demonstrating the PPB concentrations of H2S in the mouth in the form of digital. The method is simple, easy to operate, but vulnerable to the effects of oral other scents, such as alcohol, volatile flavor (perfume, hairspray, etc.). Electronic nose is a way to diagnose the bad breath by identifying the characteristic odor in the mouth of patients, but at the moment, its function is yet to be improved. Shanghai dental can diagnose out your halitosis scientifically.

According to statistics, 80% ~ 90% of the halitosis comes from the mouth. In the mouth, the untreated dental caries, residual roots and residual crowns, bad repair body, abnormal anatomy, gingivitis and periodontitis, and oral mucosal disease can cause bad breath. The dental caries and periodontal disease is the most common related disease. In the deep hole of caries socket and under the bad repair body suspension, there is often remaining food residue and plaque, and bacteria can break down after fermentation, producing odor. Untreated pulp necrosis or purulent pulpitis, also can produce stinking odor. Periodontal disease patients are often accompanied by a large number of plaque and the bacteria inside the periodontal pocket can produce hydrogen sulfide, indoles and ammonia class after fermentation, thus producing bad smell. In addition, overflow pus of periodontal abscess and periodontal pocket is more likely to have been infected by staphylococcus aureus merger periodontal pathogens, which also can stink. The quantity and quality of the saliva also play an important role. The reducing of saliva quantity and the increasing of organic ingredients such as protein reduce the flushing action and cushion of saliva and make the bacteria multiply. The decomposition of saliva and gingival sulcus fluid and food residue of organic composition produce a large number of substances such as volatile sulfide, indole, causing bad breath.

Oral adjacent tissue diseases such as suppurative tonsillitis, chronic maxillary sinusitis, and atrophic rhinitis and so on, can produce purulent secretion and stink. Clinically common medical diseases such as acute or chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer will also make stink. Pyloric obstructions, advanced gastric cancer often appear duck eggs fetor smell. Other diseases such as leukemia, lack of vitamin, heavy metal poisoning can also cause bad breath.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-26

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