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Do You Know Halitosis Self-diagnosis?

Abstract: You might have already made others uncomfortable when you are not clear about whether you have the halitosis.

Some people cannot feel that they have the halitosis, but when other people say that you have shanghai dental, you will undoubtedly feel very embarrassed in some situations. And how can you determine whether or not you have halitosis? Here are several ways of halitosis self-diagnosis:

1. Fold both of your hands and cover your mouth and nose, and then breathe towards your hands that are gathered together and breathe in through your nose, and then you can smell the odor of your mouth to decide whether you have got bad breath.

2. Take a small spoon, and put it deep into the tongue, shave off tongue coating, and then take out to smell. Make judgment through the sense of smell if they really have bad smell, because the smell is that people around you can smell.

3. With the tongue licking on the back of your hand, smell it after a few seconds, if you have bad breath, you will smell a terrible smell.

4. In addition to halitosis self-diagnosis, you can also go to professional medical institutions to have a test. Some people who have halitosis like to eat chewing gum, but others will smell the double smell of halitosis and bubble gum. If you have heavy breath, you are suggested to take an early treatment, since the time being longer, the more possible the gut dung reef will pile up and the treatment will be not so easy.

People who are hungry or have eaten some drugs or onions, garlic, etc excitant food, smoke, sleep of saliva to decrease caused by the bacteria break down a lot of food residue, etc can cause temporary halitosis. And healthy people’s halitosis may be caused by poor oral habits and oral health back caused by the increase in the number of plaque, thickening of the tongue. Since the back of the tongue surface area is big, there are a lot of the nipples, crack and concave groove, beneficial bacteria, oral mucosal epithelium and food residue such as retention, acting as "bacteria storage", which is conducive to the generation of halitosis. Studies have shown that the degree of halitosis, the amount of volatile sulfide and tongue coating thickness and area there have positive correlation, which had closer relations with the thickness of the coating on the tongue, volatile sulfide reduction after removal of coating on the tongue. This may be because the thicker the coating on the tongue, the easier to form the anaerobic environment, the more conducive the growth of anaerobic bacteria can be. Thus it will be more conducive to the generation of volatile sulfide, leading to halitosis.

Besides, there is also false halitosis, which refers to that patients would think that they have bad breath, but the results were negative. Such kind of condition can be dealt with through explanation and counseling. Halitosis is not terrible, as long as you find out the reason, you can be treated. First consider that whether your halitosis is mouth source or none-mouth source, for factors that can't be proved to have no association with halitosis, such as respiratory disease (nasal cavity, maxillary sinus, pharyngeal, lung infection and necrosis), digestive system diseases (gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastric metabolic disorders, constipation, etc.) and solid organ damage (liver failure, kidney failure) and diabetic ketosis, uremia, leukemia, vitamin deficiency and so on, you should go to Shanghai dental to have local or systemic system of treatment for these diseases.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-23

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