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More about Halitosis Systemic Diseases

Abstract: If you think halitosis is nothing but some kind of giving out disgusting odor, then you are totally wrong, because it can cause halitosis systemic diseases.

Some people will be likely to think of that other people in daily life are trying to stay away from them because of their bad breath and they also feel distressful about their bad breath, which will bring them inconvenience to life, work and social communication and even make them have serious inferiority shanghai dental. These are due to what we call the halitosis. Halitosis refers to a symptom that stinking smell coming out from mouth, which is one of the most common oral diseases.

Reasons for Halitosis:

First, air source sex halitosis refers to the special smell that smokers often have.

Second, foodborne halitosis refers to the unpleasant smell people who have special food addiction, such as garlic, leeks, smelly food and alcohol have in the mouth and stomach.

Three, pathogenicity halitosis refers to people with bad breath, as a result of systemic disease and oral disease. Systemic diseases such as indigestion, purulent bronchitis, lung abscess, etc., will discharge stink through the respiratory tract, characterized by bad breath. Nasopharyngeal diseases such as purulent maxillary sinusitis, atrophic rhinitis, etc., can also cause bad breath. Oral diseases especially the periodontal disease are the chief factors that cause bad breath and most people have bad breath because of their periodontal diseases. The gums of periodontal disease patients often are in a state of inflammation, bleeding, and abscess festers festering. Many people with poor oral health consciousness are so not serious about brushing their teeth, or fail to accomplish effective brushing their teeth although they want to brush carefully, causing the mouth in food waste accumulated for a long time. Under the action of bacteria, fermentation, decomposition, a rotting stench then appears.

What can we do to deal with bad breath?

1. The treatment of halitosis systemic diseases

First, make active treatment to primary diseases. For the diseases of mouth, digestive, respiratory system that can cause bad breath, positive corresponding treatment should be done in order to fundamentally eliminate impurity smell. Here we would like to recommend you the Shanghai dental.

2. To brush the tongue coating every week

At ordinary times you should pay attention to oral hygiene and seriously brush your teeth after a meal, every morning, and before bed, brushing enough for 3 minutes at a time. Regularly every week brush coating on the tongue with tooth brush gently.

3. gluten-free diet

Drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid eating excitant food, and pay attention to light diet, especially lighter dinner than the food you have during the day. The longer the food stays in the stomach, the more likely the bad breath will be produced.

4. More than a cup of tea

Tea can inhibit the growth of bacteria and can reduce the bad breath. In addition, rich antioxidant tea polyphenols in the tea can prevent plaque from being adhere to the teeth, thereby reducing the onset of mouth and teeth. Grace mouth sweet lotus tea can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, make intestinal accumulation of rapid discharge at the lodge, purify intestines environment, and keep the intestinal tract unobstructed, eliminating halitosis, constipation, irritated and other symptoms.

5. Use breath fresheners to remedy

In some social occasions, if you feel your mouth is faulty, you can drink some water firstly, spray on breath fresheners and then close the mouth for a few seconds, which can keep mouth pure and fresh for hours.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-21

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