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How About Halitosis Diagnosis?

Abstract: If you can make halitosis diagnosis by yourself, you will save yourself a lot. While if you want to cure the disease, you might need more systematic advices.

Stomach fire is not equal to stomach-Yin deficiency. Hot common ways of halitosis diagnosis are: Stomach heat being not equal to stomach-Yin deficiency, stomach heat is made by the evil heat damaging on stomach or because of alcohol, shanghai dental, overeating rich men's thick flavor, which helps produce the fire. Or because of stagnation of the circulation of vital energy and blood stasis, sputum, wet, dyspepsia within the heat, fire, stomach heat (stomach fire) can arise. The liver fire can also cause stomach heat (stomach fire). One of the symptoms of stomach heat is halitosis. People who like cold drinks and are easy to hunger and noisy will be likely to have brown urine and constipation. Those people are usually with stomach fire and having oral erosion, pain in the periodontal. And stomach-Yin deficiency is caused by stomach heat, stomach fire flaming, or warm disease consumption. Symptoms are dry mouth lip, being noisy, retching, bad appetite, or being unable to swallow, getting discomfort after eating, stool stem node, dry red tongue center, moss, less light, or tongue dry crimson, pulse count, and so on.

Opinion proposal: That is to say, severe stomach heat can cause stomach-Yin deficiency. The major clinical manifestations of stomach-Yin deficiency are: stomachache, being hungry but having no desire for food, retching hiccups, dry mouth, dry throat, constipation, short urine and red tongue with less saliva and weak pulse. A stomach heat is empirical while stomach-Yin deficiency is a deficiency syndrome, so we should say they are different.

Life care: We suggest you combine with the halitosis diagnosis above and see whether you are having stomach-Yin deficiency or stomach heat. As for symptomatic treatment, we suggest you do not use drugs without professional guidance. You can go to Shanghai dental and the digestive internal medicine doctor there will make the corresponding treatment according to your illness. Because the drugs are more for the treatment of stomach-Yin deficiency, you might not know which one is suitable for your illness, and at the same time, the stomach heat treatment drugs are also many, so we suggest you may as well receive treatment under the guidance of doctors.

1. Dung halitosis: gastrointestinal disorders: chronic atrophic gastritis often appear stink; Pyloric obstruction of advanced gastric cancer often appear halitosis smelly duck egg flavor; Serious constipation and intestinal obstruction patients often appear dung.

2. Corruption sex halitosis: oral diseases, such as tank overflow pus, dental caries, tooth sewing thick thin, gingivitis, pulpitis, suppurative tonsillitis and salivary gland inflammation such as corruption, there may be bad breath.

3. Stink halitosis: oral unclean: can't insist on normal brushing mouthwash, dental calculus, too much love to eat snacks all can appear halitosis, usually a stink.

4. Smoke smell halitosis: a large number of smokers smoke smell in the mouth, nose, sleep, stress, fatigue, such as the elderly of saliva to reduce can aggravate the bad breath.

5. Rotten smell halitosis: respiratory diseases: such as fester disease of the lung, corruption, bronchitis, often appear rot acid bad breath, a stench; Pulmonary tuberculosis hemoptysis, bronchiectasis hemoptysis often appear blood smell bad breath; Advanced lung cancer in the mouth and exhale often decay at the same time appear in the foul.

6. Rotten apples taste and scent halitosis: Diabetes patients’ mouth can have smell of rotten apple or ketone; Uremia patients’ mouth and exhale in urine, hepatic coma, and liver and smell bad breath (mice) population in hemophilia blood foul.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-19

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