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What is Halitosis?

Abstract: Halitosis is a kind of common disease in our life even if people might not treat it as a kind of real illness. So what is halitosis?

What is halitosis? Halitosis refers to a disease that stinking smell from the mouth, which is mainly shown as apparent stink breath that cannot be eliminated by brushing the shanghai dental gargle and are hard to be hidden by containing gum, using cleaner. It is a stench from inner body.

Halitosis is mainly due to the causes of formation of the irregular diet, or too much spicy foods, as well as tiredness caused by lifestyles leading to bad excessive spleen function failure, gastrointestinal function abate, keeping the food in the intestine in the state of abnormal digestion. If large amounts of food dregs can't be eliminated from the body, they will store up, forming toxins into the intestinal wall, blood and viscera causing damages and various diseases. And deposition in the intestinal food dregs will produce stagnant heat over time, producing gas and evaporating upward through the mouth and nose pharynx ministry then forming into halitosis.

To cure halitosis, therefore, you must first remove toxins from the blood in the intestinal wall and viscera and make intestines and stomach back to normal so that the deposited food dregs on intestinal can be eliminated outside from body. So the first link of the eradication of halitosis formation is done so as to cure halitosis and get you back to health.

TCM holds that in the treatment of halitosis, clearing of the lung and stomach heat, embellish of dry should be the principle. Prescriptions available are bamboo leaves gypsum soup: gypsum, reed root (each 30 grams), flos lonicerae (12g), radix rehmanniae (12g), bamboo, dwarf lilyturf, xia, forsythia, platycodon grandiflorum (each 9g), licorice (3 grams), five and a half bowl of water and take a bowl of warm water to have the medicine. During the medicine time, do not eat food that is difficult to digest, such as shrimp, crab, bamboo shoots, eggs, peanuts and other fatty food.

Chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and tone foul: lily magnolia flower, fructus xanthii, Sue, acid-insoluble ash, magnolia bark, leaves cordate houttuynia (each 9 ~ 12 g), licorice, mint (after) (each 4.5 g), water frying take orally.

Diet cures: honeysuckle, out of the clay soil capillary artemisia, cultured (each 9 g), purple perilla leaf (4.5 g), one egg, a few of rock candy, boil eat sugar water, or chewing tea, except for bad breath also have certain effect.

Eat fresh vegetables leaf juice. Take fresh vegetables leaf (or turnip greens, lettuce leaves) water is rinsed clean, cold water again, dried, then cut up with a knife, take juice with juicer. That also can be put in container to wring juice, again with a clean gauze filter. When taking the juice, you can add a little cold water and drink one cup a day in the morning and evening for two weeks. It will be effective.

Often eat raw lettuce or leaves. Cut lettuce piece, with elliptic salt, put out a moment later, salt juice, against the into high quality soy sauce, monosodium glutamate little, then pour a few drops of sesame oil, as a cool shaking vegetables, which will have a good taste. Chop the lettuce leaves, with a little salt for a while, and then pour a little sesame oil, which can be used as food and also as the treatment of halitosis. Shanghai dental will offer you ways to completely deal with your halitosis.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-16

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