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How to Cure Halitosis in Children

Abstract: Parents should never pay little attention to the halitosis in children and they need to find the treatment in time.

Almost every adult has the experience of halitosis, but halitosis in children is also possible, which makes many parents feel difficult. Children have delicate constitution and poor immune ability, so little shanghai dental may be hidden behind the serious disease. Therefore, once discovering their baby with halitosis, parents should be vigilant and can choose to go to Shanghai dental to identify root causes, suiting the remedy to the case in a timely manner to solve halitosis in children.

First, appropriate medication correctly: for halitosis in children, parents should take children to the best hospital for examination, find out the reason of halitosis, and eliminate indigestion, dental caries, nasal, oral, diseases such as periodontitis, and target therapy and drug control. The primary disease is cured, and then halitosis also will disappear on its own. In the treatment of disease, use the drugs and antibiotics rationally and correctly, and under the guidance of a doctor, cooperating with Chinese medicine including rhizoma imperatae, reed root, mint, ageratum, perrin or 1% of the hydrogen peroxide solution, 2% of the soda water, 2% of the boric acid water, etc. Choose one of them to contain gargle and can reduce and eliminate bad breath.

Second, don't eat sweets: children halitosis is associated with poor eating habits, parents need to master the right way to feed the baby. So diet should be regularized, balanced nutrition be guaranteed, and do not let children eat unclean and bad food and do not partial eclipse or overeating. Advise their children not to eat too many snacks or sweets, especially not to eat sweets before going to bed. It is appropriate for children to eat more fruit and vegetables to increase the fiber and vitamins, to promote intestinal peristalsis and to reduce waste, which also is advantageous to the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal and oral diseases as well as the prevention of bad breath.

Third, get into the habit of drinking more boiled water: in order to prevent halitosis in children, the parents need to help children develop good health habits at ordinary times. Especially for the children who love to eat snacks, they should be sure to get into the habit of gargle after the meal, brushing their teeth in the morning and evening, cold boiled water available water or weak brine gargle, and properly drink more boiled water, which has a good function of intestines and stomach. Drinking cold water is the best for keeping your mouth moist and clean environment, reducing the occurrence of oral disease. Only in this way can children "vomit a fragrance" and get away from the disease.

Fourth, during the breast-feeding, nipples often should be cleaned: breast-feeding infants may have halitosis due to improper method of breastfeeding. Tableware, milk cup and other things that are used for the child lactation always need clean disinfection, and feeding nipples should often be cleaned to maintain clean sanitation, reducing the gastrointestinal and oral infection pathogenic bacteria, preventing diseases such as gastrointestinal and oral diseases. The best method of cleaning tableware, milk sterilization, is to use the method of boiling and clean with water.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-12

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