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What about Halitosis Treatment?

Abstract: It is out of question that halitosis has troubled you a lot since there is not halitosis treatment that can completely get you rid of the annoying problem.

So-called halitosis (also called "bad breath"), is the bad breath that always embarrasses the one who shanghai dental it and makes others boredom. Don't look down upon this little but upset problem of halitosis, which makes the person cannot dare to closely contact with people (especially young people), resulting in a low self-esteem, affecting normal human, emotional communication.

Some people with serious halitosis can smell his or her breath stinking. And some people, through the reactions of others, just know whether they have bad breath. Here is a self-test method: fold both of your hands and close them to a shape of bowl, cup your mouth and nose with your hands, and then breathe a sigh of relief after the hands should be gathered together and then breathe in through your nose, finally you can smell the smell of your mouth and make judgment.

The prevention of halitosis and halitosis treatment:

First of all, pay much attention to oral hygiene, carefully brush mouthwash every morning, after meals, and before bed. When necessary, gently brush with a toothbrush or clean towel in addition to the coating on the tongue.

Second, give up smoking and drinking and your diet should be relatively light, avoiding eating cold, pungent, smelly food, such as garlic, onion, leek, stinky tofu, etc. as well as not easily digested greasy food (high protein, high fat). When you are eating, eat your food slowly. Drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables and legumes. Keep a routine of life and keep the mood. Take part in physical exercise. The doctors of traditional Chinese medicine think that bad breath belongs to the "hot" in the gastrointestinal tract, therefore they argue that people halitosis eat less as far as possible to help cold foods in the hot temperature and eat right amount of hot heat foods.

For the diseases caused by mouth, digestive and respiratory system, corresponding treatment should be done actively. Because of halitosis is more often the result of the mouth or digestive tract infection caused by anaerobic bacteria and facultative anaerobic bacteria, so you can take for indications or metronidazole (cannot be more than 7 days). It is a drug treatment of anaerobic bacteria and facultative anaerobic bacteria and people with the bad breath caused by helicobacter pylori infection can go to Shanghai dental to seek an effective radical cure. The treatment can also cooperate with Chinese traditional medicine of 10 grams of perrin, which is brew in boiled water to drink (just like drinking a tea with perrin). Drink it one or two times a day, and this is more effective than some chewing gum. Knocking tooth is also a kind of very good method: close your lips, then gently knock tooth for 100-300 times, during which you can have a rise in saliva, and slowly swallow the saliva with small mouth. Do that 2-3 times a day, which not only can treat halitosis, but also has a good curative effect for oral disease, so you might as well try. In addition, people with halitosis that belongs to spiritual factors will find that the medication is invalid and will need to see a psychological doctor.

Halitosis in traditional Chinese medicine is mainly caused by the spleen, stomach fire, intestinal dry heat, and that can be divided into different levels according to the actual situation. To cure bad breath, if you want to take Chinese traditional medicine, then be sure to find experienced Chinese medicine doctors to prescribe for you, and do not choose medicine by yourself. Traditional Chinese medicine of "purge stomach fire" tastes bitter, harming the extremely easily after being taken and leaving halitosis uncleared but hurting the stomach and spleen. Because of the stomach indigestion or bad breath or constipation, the most straightforward method, of course, is to eat more vegetables and fruits, such as fiber food, which can make the digestive system healthy.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-07

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