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Do You Know Halitosis Causes?

Abstract: When you are upset about your halitosis, you might not be aware of the halitosis causes. Thus the causes of the halitosis have been summarized.

Pathogenesis of TCM thinks that the bad breath is produced by these reasons as follows:

1. Too strong liver-fire, exhausted essence and energy and internal shanghai dental on inflammation.

2. The panhandle gastrointestinal origin toxic heat, strong heart-fire, causing attack on the head, eyes, mouth, throat and polluted air downward to the stomach.

3. The body fluid is insufficient caused by damaged stomach-Yin, the production of body fluid in the steam, impaired lung-Yin and energy. The blood and energy is damaged resulting into the production of body fluid within the muggy knot.

4. Insufficiency of the spleen and the stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, knot of chills and fever and loss of division.

Modern medicine thinks that halitosis causes are:

1. Do not pay attention to oral hygiene: people don't brush their teeth, gargle, or mediocre brushing your teeth so that food scraps inside the mouth are stored up for a long time. Under the action of bacteria, fermentation, decomposition, indole production materials such as hydrogen and sulfur amine are produced, sending a rotting stench.

2. Some people having dentures who do not pay attention to clean the mouth will also have smell, which is the most common cause of bad breath.

3. Oral diseases: decay of tooth decay, periodontal disease often causes the gums in a state of inflammation, resulting in bleeding and abscess fester discharging. It is also easy to produce a stench of decay.

4. Other diseases of the body: some halitosis is caused due to other parts of the disease, such as indigestion, purulent bronchitis, lung abscess, and so on. All these will discharge the stink through the respiratory tract, which is shown as halitosis.

5. Special food habit: someone has special love to eat garlic, leeks, etc., and that can have unpleasant smell in the stomach.

6. Some metals such as lead, mercury and organic matter poisoning patients can have abnormal smell in the mouth, while smokers also have a special odor in the mouth.

If you want to get rid of halitosis, you took want to choose shanghai dental halitosis cure.

Stomach fire halitosis: caused by hot the evil committed the stomach. Symptoms, in addition to the breath, are red faces and hot body, thirstiness, drinking cold or breath of sores, or sore gums, discharging bleeding, etc. You then should purge the stomach fire. An appropriate way for you is to use cleaning stomach powder (rhizoma coptidis, radix rehmanniae, cortex moutan, cohosh, gypsum, angelica). For people with constipation, the rheum officinale should be increased.

Dyspepsia halitosis: much caused by a full stomach, shrinkage of food stagnation in the stomach. The symptoms are: sour odor from mouth, abdominal distension pain, not thinking of any food, belching halitosis, etc. You should eat less to purge the stagnation and protective pill or acid-insoluble ash pill leading to lag could be selected to deal with the disease.

Hot phlegm halitosis: much caused by sputum make lungs or hot phlegm rot fester. The symptoms, in addition to the breath, are cough spit turbidity or purulent blood, shortness of breath, chest pain. You should be clear lung polyester phlegm. People, who do not have fester or decay, should use small chest soup (pinellia, rhizoma coptidis, and fructus trichosanthis) to cure; otherwise, they should use Qianjin reed stems soup (peach kernel, reed, winter melon seeds, and stem’s-tears) to cure.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-05

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