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How to Succeed Halitosis Cure?

Abstract: Halitosis has been one of the most annoying problems for people. To make halitosis cure, we should know certain tips of removing halitosis.

Halitosis is a kind of boring, embarrassing disease. If patients with shanghai dental are left untreated, the disease can lead to health problems. So, how can halitosis be treated effectively? This article will tell you something about halitosis cure.
1. Often cleaning
Plaque can make damage to the gingival papilla and periodontal tissue, causing serious or chronic periodontitis and producing halitosis.
Methods: regular cleaning can remove plaque. To do a good job in oral care at ordinary times and brush your teeth in the morning and evening, rinsing your mouth after meals.
2. Brush holder
If the plates contact area of tooth flesh gap is too big, it will be easy to store up residue when chewing food, and if don't get off the plates to get a cleaning for a long time, the habit will lead to bad breath, and causing periodontitis.
Processing method: every time after dinner you must take out the plates, multiple cleaning with a toothbrush, toothpaste to remove dirt and stains. You can only use cold water instead of hot water, not to mention the boiled water, so as to avoid deformation of the plates. Every night before sleeping, take out the plates for cleaning, having it immersed in a cup of cold water. Then you can wear it after brushing teeth in the morning. But don't use such as ethanol solution soaking chemical sterilization.
3. The scraping of the tongue coating
Most people with bad breath do not have the gum disease, and the cause of bad breath is sulfide bacteria growing in the back of my tongue, while brushing your teeth can't remove these bacteria out completely.
In fact, in a few years ago halitosis was considered nothing. But with the development of the life, now halitosis has become a major problem in front of people. How do people get far away from halitosis? Shanghai dental halitosis cure can help you get rid of the question. The favorite food of bacteria producing ozone is not sweet food, but the protein, mainly animal food, meat, eggs, fish, and seafood and milk residue. Plant-based foods of peas, green beans, soybeans, walnuts, peanuts and hazelnut, residue in the mouth in the process of eating are also prone to smell.
Diet of removing halitosis:
To keep a healthy and right diet, you should eat less protein and that is why vegetarian rarely has bad breath. As for what kind of chewing gum or mouth freshener, all the effect, which can only achieve the result of 15 minutes at most, is not large. In a day, every way to flush out bacteria and accelerate the secretion of saliva will be effective in terms of halitosis cure. Rinse your mouth with water, for example, every half hour to drink a few mouth water, from time to time suck a lemon disc and so on. A sip of mixed lemon juice and herbal tea without sugar is the best way to beat bad breath. Illinois scientists have found poly phenol contained in tea can inhibit rotting bacteria breeding, and you only need to drink a few cups of weak tea a day, but the tea should be a new brew.

Plublish Date: 2015-01-04

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