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Introduction on Dental Health

Abstract: Though dental health is becoming a hot issue, few people know clearly about dental health. The introduction on dental health can be helpful for us.

1 What do we mean by dental health?

In general, the concept of dental health includes all aspects of the health of our mouth, especially the teeth and gums. Teeth and shanghai dental can be easily infected, and then such problems as dental caries, inflammation of gums, tooth loss and bad breath may be caused. Dental caries is also called tooth decay or cavities, and it is one of the most common problems on teeth. Usually, dental caries is caused because of oral hygiene and exposure to fluoride.

Additionally, erosion, which is also considered as tooth wear, can also have a great influence on teeth. If the tooth enamel is exposed to acids, which can lead to the loss of tooth enamel, the problem of erosion will occur. Besides, there are other two forms of tooth wear, including attrition and abrasion. Only when teeth are eroded by tooth-to-tooth contact can lead to attrition. On the contrary, some external mechanical factors, such as brushing tooth incorrectly, can lead to abrasion.

Another problem that can affect dental health is periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease. There are many factors that can lead to it, for example, the gum is infected and inflamed, the periodontal connective tissues and the alveolar bone. What is worse, periodontal disease can even lead to tooth loss.

2 Why is dental health of importance?

According to Shanghai dental, the health of teeth and mouth is so important that it can influence overall health and well-being. It is essential for us to chew and swallow food, because we can obtain the nutrients we need by this process. In addition, speech and self-esteem can also be affected by dental health.

3 How can we ensure dental health?

Nowadays, there are various ways to ensure dental health, especially good oral hygiene and the use of fluoride. Besides, we should pay more attention to the daily life, and some tips are as follows.

Firstly, start dental care as early as possible, for example, if your baby drinks milk, formula, or juice before sleeping, use fluoride toothpaste to brush baby’s teeth, which can prevent “baby bottle tooth decay”. Secondly, it is better to brush teeth at least twice a day. In addition, use dental floss or toothpicks once a day, so that the substances between the teeth can be cleaned. Thirdly, please visit your dentist regularly, usually every six months. And you can consult your dentist which aesthetic product is proper for you, and then affect your dental health.

Plublish Date: 2014-11-17

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