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Introduction on Dentures

Abstract: Nowadays, more and more people care about their bright smile, so denture is becoming more and more popular, which can help them keep bright smile.

Denture is a kind of replacement for missing teeth, and it develops quickly, and till now, it is even as same as the natural shanghai dental. In general, denture can be divided into two main types, including full and partial, said by Shanghai dental. You had better visit your dentist to consult which type is proper for you.

How do dentures work?

Usually, if there are no full dentures, the flesh-colored acrylic base will not fit over your gums. The denture is designed unique so that the roof of mouth can be covered by the base of the upper denture; on the contrary, in order to fit with your tongue, the base of the lower denture is designed like a horseshoe.

Generally, dentists make dentures in a dental laboratory according to the impressions taken of your mouth. The three types of denture are as follows. The first one is conventional full denture. When the remaining teeth are removed and tissues are healed, the conventional full denture is suitable. However, there may be several months during which time you have no teeth because of the healing. The next one is immediate full denture, which can be inserted immediately once the teeth are removed. Different from the conventional full denture, we can use immediate full denture without the worry of no teeth. However, the disadvantage of this kind of denture is that there is time limitation, which means that they must be relined several months, because the bone is reshaped as it heals, which loosen the denture. The last is partial denture, which means that you also need a metal framework to attach to your natural teeth. Sometimes we use crowns which can be considered as anchors. In addition, partial dentures can be used as a removable bridge.

How long do dentures last?

In general, the denture should be relined, remade, or rebased after it is used for a period of time. We can make a new base to keep the existing denture teeth by the process of rebasing. In addition, with the changing of your age, your mouth can also change, which can lead to loosen of your dentures, and in turn affect you to chew and irritate your gums. There are some tips for you to care for your dentures.

Firstly, you must be careful when you handle your dentures in case of dropping them. Secondly, you must keep your dentures wet, and usually under the circumstances of denture cleanser soaking solution and plain water. Besides, do not use hot water, because your dentures can be warped. Last, you should brush your dentures daily so that the food deposits and plaque can be removed, which can be helpful for your dental health.

Plublish Date: 2014-11-12

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