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Dental Health at Any Age

Abstract: As the number of people who care about dental health is increasing, this issue is becoming hotter and hotter among any age of people.

According to the study from Shanghai dental, people who are aware of their oral-health conditions at different stages of their life are likely to prevent potential dental problems, which can help them live better. Now, let us know about dental health at every stage.

Dental health in pregnancy and children

In general, many expectant mothers are encouraged to take calcium supplements during their pregnant, because by those supplements the children can be given a head start. Besides, expectant mothers can prevent their baby from being born with a cleft lip and palate with those supplements. After the baby’s birth, it is better for parents to prepare a soft and damp cloth, so that they can wipe the infant’s gums with it after each feeding, which can be useful for preventing bacteria building up. Then when baby’s teeth are beginning come in, typically at six months old, parents can brush baby’s teeth to clean the teeth and gum line, but remember to choose a soft toothbrush. This can effectively prevent decay and be helpful for dental health.

A pediatric dentist in Shanghai dental said that, even children are as young as nine months, the risk of tooth decay may still exist. Therefore, parents should pay attention to it, and they had better brush their children’s teeth until they are six years old, because children who are prior to six years old cannot be able to brush their brush their own teeth effectively. What is more, do not feed sweet and sticky food to children, and tooth-friendly food, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers, are recommended.

Dental health in adults

According to the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are almost one-third adults in America who have untreated tooth decay. We should treat it as early as possible, because tooth decay can be easily picked up by a dental exam in the early stages. If the bone around the teeth is beginning to loss, you should focus on the dental problem of periodontal disease, and you had better have a dentist’s intervention.

What is worse, dental health usually has a great influence on overall health. Therefore, adults who have blood pressure, diabetes or other diseases had better visit the dentist more often. In addition, people of all ages can drink fluoridated water, which is helpful for reducing tooth decay. If there is no fluoride in your water, you should take some supplements that can replace fluoride.

Dental health in older adults

Even if some older adults still keep their natural teeth, they are required to visit dentist more often, because they have a higher rate of developing throat and oral cancers. In addition, the risk of having dry mouth is increasing among older adults. Therefore, they should go to the dentist to keep their dental health.

Plublish Date: 2014-11-07

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