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How to Protect Teeth in Daily Life

Abstract: How to protect teeth and maintain the dental health is a frequently asked question in the consulting room of Shanghai dental.

We all know the significance of our teeth. Yes, our teeth are very important to our daily lives, for we all need the teeth for chewing and shanghai dental. Apart from this reason for supporting our health, our teeth do a great working in making good impressions to others.

So protecting our teeth becomes more and more important. People may say that they have already done a great job in protecting the teeth. The hard truth is that the majority of the public cannot protect their teeth well in daily life. A report shows that two thirds of the citizens are having dental problem due to negligence of protecting teeth in daily life. So in order to protect our dental health, the citizen should learn the best way to protect teeth in daily life. Here are some good tips of protecting teeth in daily life.

1. Brush teeth at least two times a day.

The most simple and easiest way to protect our teeth in our daily life is to brush the teeth every day, once in the morning and once at night before going to sleep. The technique of how to brush the teeth is also an important part in teeth brushing. Generally speaking, when people are brushing the teeth, they should make sure that all the teeth are covered. And an effective teeth brushing should last at least for five minutes. Though, brush more often is a good way to protect teeth, but the citizens should not brush the teeth just after eating. Brushing teeth just after eating does more harm than not brushing at all.

2. Do not neglect the importance of using the dental floss.

Most people are not treating the dental flossing well. They think that flossing is just something not essential. They are wrong. A scientific research conducted by Shanghai dental, the most famous dental hospital in China, shows that dental flossing can remove almost all the food debris that cannot be removed by brushing. The negligence of the dental floss is due to two reasons. The first reason is that the majority of the public does not know the right way to use the dental floss. The second reason is that people just pay little attention to the dental floss.

3. Do a dental check regularly.

It goes without question that regular dental check is very important for protecting teeth and maintaining dental health. In general, people need to check their dental conditions at least once every three months. Moreover, the choice of a good dental hospital is also essential for protecting the teeth. Shanghai dental is always people’s first priority when choosing the best dental hospital.

Plublish Date: 2014-10-27

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